Eco promotional products have been around for a very long time however in recent years sustainability has been very topical and more emphasis and responsibility is being placed on organisations to reduce their impact on the environment and include a sustainability policy into their business model.
When you are looking for a promotional product to carry your logo, you may wish to select a more sustainable option than just a traditional plastic give-away to integrate your sustainability measures into you marketing activities.

There are 100’s of sustainable promotional products available and some clients question what is more sustainable. When considering your sustainable promotional merchandise mix you may like to consider a reduce, recycle and reuse perspective.


Many promotional products are made of different types of plastics. By selecting products that have reduced plastic content, for instance because they are made of a mix of natural fibres and plastics, you are contributing to the reduction of the overall amount of plastic used.

Bamboo is becoming a popular alternative to promotional products made from plastic mainly because bamboo is a very sustainable, fast growing crop, requiring no fertiliser and self generates from its on roots. Over 1 million acres of forest are lost each week, bamboo products help to protect the forests we have left. One of our bestselling promotional contour pen is now available with a bamboo barrel, with its elegant and high end perception it’s not hard to believe why the Contour Wood ballpen is proving to a popular choice with businesses


It is estimated that 300 million plastic carrier bags have ended up in the Atlantic Ocean alone, the introduction of the Government single use carrier bag charges is helping to reduce the waste and has resulted in consumers turning to re-usable bags such as the cotton shopper bags. Branding these re-usable bags is a great way to increase your brand exposure. Similarly, we are also experiencing a huge demand for re-usable bottles. A million plastic bottles are bought every minute, encouraging the use of re-usable bottles will reduce waste. We have a huge selection of promotional drinkware to suit all budgets, the H20 Tempo Sports Bottle has generated a great deal of interest for several reasons including style, colour range and branding options. A useful promotional product that can have a broad target audience, branded with your company details will achieve your marketing goals.


We are continuously developing products made of recycled material, like our best-selling Americano coffee tumbler. This tumbler is made of the waste material of all Americano tumblers that we produce, thus making our whole Americano production more sustainable! Recycling waste material is a great way to lower the carbon footprint and reduce the amount of waste that end up in landfills.

Get Yourself Noticed has a wide range of products made from recycled materials from recycled paper, bags made from PET or pens made from recycled plastic CD cases.
If you can’t find what you are looking for contact our helpful sales team today on 01639 681000 or e-mail and we can guide in the search for a more sustainable promotional product that will fit in with your core business value whilst achieving your marketing goals.