Just because so many events have been cancelled, that doesn’t mean Freshers has to be cancelled! We’ve got lots of promotional gift ideas for new students that are useful and offer a good opportunity to promote the University- even better, they are easily mailable to the students.

Some of these mailable promotional gifts include:

Cotton Shoppers

Our handy cotton shoppers are an ideal way to fly your university colours whilst shopping for the essentials. We can also offer shoppers made from 70% recycled cotton and 30% PET (recycled plastic bottles).

Collapsible Water bottles

Another mailable gift which is popular is our collapsible water bottles as part of our Keeping Fit range. These bottles are easily portable, come in a range of colours and are reusable, so discourages single use plastics. The bottle can even be Pantone colour matched to fit in with the University’s branding requirements.

We now also offer a range of promotional products to help you Stay Safe in the community, which can also be personalised with your university design.

Antibacterial pens

Senator Pens have introduced an antibacterial property to three of their most popular lines; the Liberty, Challenger and Super hit ballpens. During the manufacturing process, the antibacterial agent is added to the plastic; which means the antibacterial nature of the pen does not weaken over time or through prolonged use.

UV Ray Sanitising Box

Another new addition to our health & wellbeing range is an exciting tech product that would appeal to students- our UV Ray Sanitising Box. The box utilises 6 2W UV LED lights which kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. All you need to do is pop you possession into the box and close the lid. The sanitising box also features a wireless charger for you to charge your phone. The size of the box is 210 x 120 x 65.2mm, with an inner size of 192 x 102 x 31 mm.