Our values

Our aim is to provide a tailor-made service to our customers to deliver outstanding personalised merchandise and branded clothing for their brand. We collaborate closely with customers whilst offering exceptional client services.

Attention to Detail

Our sharp eye for detail ensures that our customers’ campaigns always achieve a professional, coherent and polished look. Our internal processes are there to safeguard your business image and reputation.

Customer Service

We believe that our fantastic customer service is what sets us apart from our competitors. When you choose to deal with us, rest assured that you will always receive customer service that is second to none. Why not check out a few of our customer testimonials.


Our award-winning design team have more than 13 years combined experience in the industry. Couple this with extensive product knowledge as well as a natural knack for what’s hot right now and you have a winning combination.


We’re constantly improving and building on new ideas to keep our customers one step ahead. We attend trade shows regularly and keep a close eye on the industry through close connections with our factories. Our innovative solutions to customer briefs are supported by our expertise in the industry. We get so excited at the chance to exclusively review and road- test brand new promo ideas!

Collaborative Working

We work in close contact with our customers, nurturing their ideas and paying close attention to their needs. We’ll ask you the right questions, to ensure that we offer branded goods that fit your campaign; we’ll keep you updated throughout the entire process and always make sure that you’re happy with the delivered goods. We believe communication is the secret to a fantastic promotional marketing campaign.