Engraving is traditionally the practice of incising a design permanently onto a hard, usually flat surface such as glass or metal ware by cutting grooves into it.

Engraving can add a touch of class to any personalised executive gift, and is the ideal branding method for items such as Whiskey tumblers, executive pens or glass awards. The permanent nature of this branding method will ensure your branding is in your customer’s minds for years to come!

Metal pens are typically decorated by laser engraving – where we use a high precision computer-controlled laser to engrave the surface of our writing instruments and thus expose the metal layer underneath.

For larger engraving areas onto pens, where we can we use rotary engraving. This method uses cutting tools which rotate through the work to remove material, leaving a trough of exposed core. The most permanent form of engraving, and is particularly effective when the metal is lacquered with a dark colour, as the engraving leaves a very stark shiny contrast.

Glassware typically is decorated by Sandblast engraving – which is a permanent decoration process that gives a frosted finish with the design or wording etched into the surface of the glass or crystal.

One of the latest innovations in crystal ware decoration is Sub Surface Laser Engraving. This exciting new method can be used to recreate 2D or 3D images that are suspended in the middle of the flawless optical crystal gift or award. Using specialized CAD software, 2D or 3D designs are created. These designs are converted to create x-y-z coordinate “dots” for crystal engraving. Once a laser file has been created, laser energy is focused into the crystal, creating micro-fractures at each coordinate point. As the laser is moved within the crystal, placing points with micron precision, the image is formed. The outer surface remains unmarked.