Embroidery is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of crafting and decorating known to the modern world. The first hand-embroidery machine was invented in the late 19th Century and lead the way for this sort of process to be used to create bespoke promotional items in the 21st Century!

This method of branding ensures an authentic and quality finish and offers a particular look that can’t be matched by other techniques. Embroidery is traditionally the process of crafting a design with a needle and thread; however, technological advances have propelled the efficiency of embroidery to the next level.

An embroidery machine has the capacity for a design or an image to be uploaded to it digitally. Once in possession of the appropriate artwork, the machine can then work out how to begin embroidering by assigning different needles from within with different numerical values, so that it can know what colour and position to embroider on. Monitored by an expert member of our team, the machine can then aid us to create durable, high quality branding on a variety of fabrics to enhance any marketing campaign.